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logiOfficeFleetmanagement-Software(ehem. spektra Informationssysteme)
ExporterDatabase and Datamining ToolExporter at sourceforge
Trojan ExampleShowing how easy it is to write a small trojanSources on Eugenes CVS
E-RemiseWebportal for Schools and Universities(developed at ETS/Montreal)ERemise on sourceforge
GravistoGraph Visualisation Toolkit(from Uni Passau)
DavistaDatabase Visualisation Tool Applet(uses Gravisto) for ipk-gaterslebenipk-website
Ifak Software CMSAdministrate Software Projects over a secured sourceforge portaltheir server
small software projectshosted on my old
Security-AG Websitewritten the whole page, filled with content from members and myself ->offline :(
fluesterer's websiteWebsite for a friend(100% own code;)
Dawn's websiteWebsite for a friend(also 100% own code;)
Pi's websiteWebsite for a friend(also 100% own code;)
Coming soon: raepi.deWebsite for a lawyer (friend) in md (...)
Coming soon:La Reina's DietCommercial Website for a friend from mtlhere
Studio201 Webhosting, Webdesign and SoftwareWebsite for our - Webhosting, Webdesign and Software
Aerzte-bewerten.deWebsite to grade your dochere
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